Saturday, September 18, 2010

quick reality check

How can I ever give anybody crap, even inside my head, for pursuing something that "won't make them a living"?

I design role-playing games for fun. Who am I to judge? Yeesh.


  1. There is a fundamental difference between making money and making a living.

    Those of us who design games typically aren't doing it for money, we're doing it to enrich the spirit (culturally, artistically, or otherwise).

    Those words look a bit more pretentious than they sounded in my head...

  2. No worries, man! I'm reminded of the ever-lurking debate about why indie games haven't picked up more, commercially, although I have to say that debate is laid on shifting sands, now that major bookstores in the US carry Mouse Guard now, for example. Clearly, big(big-ish) name licensed products are the way in for indie RPGs ^__^

    I actually don't remember why I wrote this post. But I think it's generally important to keep things in perspective, so... I'll hang onto it :)