Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CV - RPG style

I need to take a moment and write down designs I have in progress, designs I've given up on, and ones I've more or less completed (late-beta constitutes "completed" for this list's purposes).

La Familia (mostly finished Otherkind-dice game of factional rivalries and Clan Treasures)

Dwarf Fortress (homebrew game of overwrought, dwarfy passions unfolding underground; based lovingly on the game of the same name; still a WIP, but with recent progress)

Tell That to an Angry Mob (horror/weird fantasy monster game about loyalty and love and being an outsider; still a rough sketch)

Mask of the Emperor (dead, and scavenged for ideas; my samurai game of reputation)

Giants in the Thicket (a fun little WIP about villagers working out their differences so they can all slay a giant together)

Leviathan (new! a murder mystery game with Polaris key phrases and a deck of cards; it gets a little political and a lot sneaky)

The Hellenes (Mask-inspired Greek gods-and-heroes game, with some informative holes in the rules. Dead, but scavenged well for ideas)

Potter's Tale (early-college crack at game design; experimented with two sharply different fantasy worlds side-by-side, one animal and one human)

If you have any questions or ponderings about any of these, let me know and I'll happily share what I got in greater depth. The purpose of this list is to make me feel a little better about getting stuck on projects, and of course there's my fruitless compare-self-to-Vincent-Baker issue that I'm working through, too ^_^

Ah, sigh.


  1. I feel your pain, Zac. I have a load of projects on the go at the moment. I'd pick the one that's nearest to completion and just do it. Get it finished.

  2. How 'bout that - - I took your advice before I even got your comment here ^_^
    I pushed ahead with Dwarf Fortress, as it happens - started the alpha last night, got through character creation, and then, uh, we'll probably move forward sometime this week with the first session.
    Our Fortress was founded in a deep jungle in the heart of the tropics; we have a disgraced officer, a heartbroken poet, and a fearless explorer trying to run a settlement together. We'll see how it goes!