Friday, March 2, 2012


Last night, I played a little Labyrinth Lord.
I rolled up some ... stats that didn't really fit anything other than a) mediocre thief or b) crappy wizard. So, thief it is!
I reprised my role as Otto Lampblack, but this time around apparently, he is a neutral-good two-spirit individual who worships Frigga, making him something of a rarity in his very butch, Vikingesque hometown of Hommlett.
Yep, classic adventure called The Village of Hommlett - it's the prelude to the Temple of Elemental Evil, apparently.
So! Frogs. We ended up only having time for one encounter, and it was against four giant frogs - 3 the size of dogs, and one the size of a horse. Kind of terrifying, especially when the big one swallowed our dwarf whole. The rules were, "Roll d20 each round. 18+ frees you. You get three tries, and are then digested." Yikes! The dwarf succeeded on his 2nd try, and apparently that kills the horse-frog and results in a 100gp amethyst being found in the frog's belly.

I have never given a frog-related high-five before, but you only get so many opportunities ^__^ Since I'm working on a Labyrinth Lord adventure myself, this was a good experience of the game and what it's like to play. Frankly, since it's OSR, it doesn't have a huuuge difference from other OSR joints I've encountered (like S&W) - it's kind of like all OSR games I've seen (minus Lamentations, which I haven't played yet) are about as different as the daytime vs. nighttime Denny's menu - lots in common, but just some different peripheral options.

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