Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poor Cedric Diggory!

Watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on TV, I hatched upon a design theme I would include if I got to work on an HP game.

Basically, it's: relationships are a lot of work, sometimes awfully so, but if you can get it, love is very much worth it. In magical terms, it lets you break the rules once in a while. Neat! Dark wizards, naturally, are folks who have no more love in their lives, or who forsake love at just the wrong moment for the sake of ambition. Thus, they have to become extra-ruthless and clever with their magic (and with other things) in order to compensate.

Alternately, I would be quite intrigued by a game of My Life With Master, hacked to use HP as the setting and premise, wherein the protagonists are all Dark wizards serving You-Know-Who. The identity of the Master should be obvious ^_^


  1. I'd probably be more interested to play a game of "My Life with Harry", where all the players take on the roles of lesser characters on the side of "good". The game would explore their relationships with a wizard who is claimed to be the saviour of all the world from the dark lord, but what are their opinions of him really?

  2. What do you imagine would happen in such a game? What's the dynamic between Harry and the others? Is it anything like the default relationship in MLWM?